Saturday, 18 June 2011


If a living room reflects the personality of the home owner, the kitchen reveals how organized you are. The kitchen speaks volumes about your taste, organizing ability as a home maker. Whether it is used as a breakfast venue, coffee time with neighbors or only warming meals, the kitchen needs to be structured. It reveals your secret management strategies. And how?
The first clue-Storage areas

Walk into an aromatic pantry, towards the cabinets where herbs, oils and spices are placed. Neatly glass colored jars in order of seven (weekly consumption!) is stark. It looks beautiful to have a nice wooden cabinet with different shelve areas. The cabinets may be of other materials, but wood is the best for kitchens. The reason is obvious. It does not take long for a kitchen fire to spread just like the forest fire. Wood is a bad conductor of electricity. Since both water and electricity is needed for various appliances, blenders and mixers, it is advisable to have materials that do not catch fire easily. Cabinets of various sizes with bottles and jars filled reflect the need to keep the stock in check. A well equipped larder can cope up with emergencies. This is a sure sign of a very good organizer. Open the chests and draws and see the contents. Well kept knives, forks and spoons tell a tale too.

The size and contents of the soft board can tell tales of all the members of the house. Whats cooking in the house apart from food! What is the family having for dinner? The urgent mails, faxes, emergency cell numbers, bills and reminders provide clues especially for the working wifes and husbands who are in a hurry always. You can also make use of your refrigerator as an acting notifier or a scheduler by sticking those valuables on it through magnets that are available in the market in plenty in different shapes and sizes.

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