Friday, 7 October 2011

Dining Rooms

The best of family conversations are held in the dining rooms. They are memories of grandma's spicy curries; mom's baked cookie treats and dad's pizza takeaway on weekends. So what story does your dining table have? Considering it is an essential space in the home, it can be a real lifestyle changer-for fine dining experience. A well designed dining room has its own successful recipe. The wisest way to decorate is to go by the size of the room. Set the theme; choose the furniture, the wall paints and textures to make the place all the more appealing. There are people who live to eat and others who eat to live. Either way, they head to dining room. Welcome to a feast of ideas for exclusive dining rooms. Let the creative juices flow freely, for often great ideas come up unnoticed. 'Fine Dining' is not synonymous only with appetite. Fine dining is also not synonymous with posh restaurants. But it is a collective experience constituted of good food, better place and best ambience. It can be achieved right at home. Depending on your lifestyle choose the ambience the dining space shall have. For small rooms, a tempered durable glass table is ideal. Chairs that complement the table are best. For low maintenance, ensure that cleaning once a week is sufficient. Crystal glass tops are also in vogue. Should the dining area have reflective mirrors, the sparkle of crystal table top is fine. It is also easy to clean after a noisy dinner or a lazy brunch on Sundays. A wide entrance makes the place look spacious. This will also invite more light which is another trick to make smaller places look bigger. Though electric lighting and candles are essential elements but there is no substitute to natural light. It will be great of the glass window offers a pleasant view along with light.

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