Thursday, 29 December 2011

Times Designing Competition takes off in association with the India Art and Architecture

Times Interior in association with the India Art and Architecture offers a credible platform to showcase the talent of all the architects who are enthusiastic about designing. We are conducting a design event to spot out the best design for a studio apartment of 50 SQM.
Everybody is welcome to participate in this contest from all around the world, regardless of which country you are!!

First Prize: 150 USD and certificate

Second Prize: 50 USD

Living Room
Dining Room
1 King-Size Bed
T V Area
Open KitchenNote: There shall not be any partition walls. Only bathroom can be separated.

Deadline for Subission: 8th Jan, 2012

Submission Requirements

Plan (jpg and soft copy)
2 sections (jpg and soft copy)


Our honourable judge for the contest is Farayand Design Group- Managing Director Dr. Azizi, who has achieved his doctorate in architecture from the University of Sapienza at Rome, in 1980 . The company has designed and supervised over 1000 projects so far and was formed under the management of Dr Azizi.
Farayand Group has always primarily focused on architecture, urban and landscape designs. The company constantly tries to use the native sources and the domestic powers in order to construct the projects, following one of main principles of architecture and urban design. Architecture and civil engineering has been the main field that the family has studied and worked on for the past 2 generation. You can find more about him in his website -

Please register and create your own user-profiles at the Times Members Forum to get posted about the latest updates in art, architecture and designs. Get an opportunity to publish your work details and pictures in our online magazine by being a registered Times member.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

What is powder room?

The existence of powder rooms started in the early 18th century during the Victorian era. Ladies excused themselves to use the powder rooms rather than using the term going to the bathroom in public places. They used these powder rooms to reset wigs or powder their noses and fresh the makeup.

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Wall and The Whites

This residence is designed for an industrialist couple. The couple has a natural flair towards painting & both of them nurture 'PAINTING' as their hobby.The design concept is very simple. A wall which runs from the front compound wall to the back compound wall divides the space into two zones.t consists of common area like living, dining , Kitchen on one side & private areas like Master Bed & Studio on other side. The studio can be converted into Guest Bed room, allowing the multiple use of space. The wall is conceived as the panel for the exhibition of their paintings . It is well lit by natural light with a provision of a sky light in the roof to serve the purpose efficiently. The wall creates an excellent interaction between the spaces on both sides through its well designed openings.

The space flows in & out into the nature through the various walk outs & opening from living , dining & bed areas, Thus it perfectly blends the architecture, interior decoration & landscape to complement each other & none of them stands alone to dominate the other.A small tree with a sky light over it & a platform at base which is inspired by the tradition 'PAR' ( a traditional platform -katta under a banyan tree ) provides a perfect sitting place for the bar & dinning area.

The front & side setbacks are well utilized with elements of landscape and enhances the space visually till the plot boundaries .The house is energy efficient & eco friendly. It has been designed to make maximum use of natural resources. The use of artificial lighting during the day time is absolutely avoided. The entire house is well lit by natural light with the provision of various skylights in living , dining & even in toilet area.The large openings in all direction which open out in the garden provides ample ventilation naturally. This has minimized the use of air-conditioning.

MATERIALS:- The wall is treated with tandoor stone , giving it rough grey texture which creates the perfect background to enhance the paintings on it.The rest of the elements have been treated in white with different materials.The use of natural wood & veneers is minimized. Eco- friendly materials are used. Innovative use of glass & laminate creates a new material for kitchen dado.The kitchen platform & the dining table have been finished with solid surface to give a homogenous effect.

LIGHTING: The light has been an important element of design & is playing a vital role in creating a perfect mood for the various activities in the house.The bar counter & the dining table are designed with built in lighting in it.The water bodies outside the dinning & studio are lit with LED lighting , setting up a perfect mood in the evening.

DETAILING:Intricate detailing is done to achieve the desired results in various areas. The table in the studio is designed to get converted into guest bed whenever required. The refrigerator has been treated to maintain the harmony with the white theme.

Sunil Patil and Associates

Sunil Patil and Associates started in 1994, completed more than 300 projects in residential, industrial , commercial, mass housing, public places etc. Having offices in Kolhapur and Pune with around 40 team mates together.

Having won a National award-IIID-MK 2008 for Interior+ Architectural Interior Category and a Regional award-IIID-MK 2008 for Interior+ Architectural Interior Category was one of the Three Architects from India Invited to attend the International Conference "Foreign Architects Meet Marmomac on Stone Architecture" held in Verona, Italy in October 2003. .

His Design Philosophy: Harmony with Nature . By instinct, man likes to be with the nature. His body his mind responds better to the nature than man made spaces. There is nothing better than nature that relaxes the man and keeps him healthier. Architecture that we create shall be as sensitive to the nature as our skin. We try to create spaces with the minimum intervention with the nature, The Architecture which is in -Harmony with nature.The spaces which we create shall not just satisfy the functional needs of the users but shall become their companion in sharing the unforgettable moments in their life. .

The Contemporary Vernacular Architecture: The architecture shall belong to the geographical location, the culture, the climate and the aera in which it is built. Our designs stress on using vernacular material in a contemporary Architectureal style says Sunil patil .

Monday, 14 November 2011

Times Students Outreach Program

As the part of the Students Outreach Program initiated by Times Interior for encouraging students to accomplish new heights, let me welcome all you creative ones to take part in this online event.

Assignment for this month:

Send the complete sketch for a 5000 sqft house including plan, front elevation , side view and back view to The mandatory requirements are 4 bedrooms , 1 dining room , 1 kitchen and 1 living room. Visit our FB page to see if your plan is published. The entry which gets most LIKES will win a prize money of 200 USD!

The top 5 entries will be published in our website featuring the full bio of the contestants.

Rush in with your creative drawings to .
Details Required:
Full Name
  • Address
  • College Address
  • Educational Background
  • Contact Number
  • Reference Email
Entries will be closed on DEC 15, 2011

Prize Announcement on JAN 1, 2012

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Powder Room

A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Powder Room
Few people consider a bathroom as a room. For most people it is a place to fulfil the morning ablutions. A chosen few consider it a room and are creative enough to make it more than a place to flush and wash the face. How about creating the classic 18th century Powder Room? We have some mint fresh ideas. So dig your noses and learn how the scent of the talcum and perfume can rejuvenate not only you but also the guests when they want to retouch the make-up after a delicious dinner.
What is Powder Room
The existence of powder rooms started in the early 18th century during the Victorian era. Ladies excused themselves to use the powder rooms rather than using the term going to the bathroom in public places. They used these powder rooms to reset wigs or powder their noses and fresh the makeup.
Economy and paucity of space has compelled us to use less FSI. Creativity can do wonders and here's how once you add the powder room to the amenities of the guest room. It is an understated luxury that will be appreciated. In today's property mart having a powder room means you belong to the elite neighbourhood. Most places have undergone renovations to create a niche for indulgence by cutting down the balcony space, by converting closet space into a small bathroom. By downsizing a few spaces a homeowner is glad to display a small area for the guests as 'POWDER ROOM'. Dressing up your Powder Room can be ongoing and easy. You can have wild, cozy, warm, cool, and even pink with color schemes. It provides all the liberty to be creative. You don�t need the perfect blend of colors. The range of accessories in the market contributes to the kind of variety that can be displayed to enhance your mood or that of the guest. Right from the soap dispensers to scent candles and antique framed mirrors with linen towels embroidered the range is endless. Even though your powder room is being placed in the smallest area in the home, it will grab the attention of guests if done well.

Choose right accessories
Coming to the accessories you can line up one of the best exquisite range of perfumes, organic soaps, liquid soaps, and linen hand towels and liven up with a few creepers in your ceramic pots. The lights can also bring drama to your powder room .You can opt for lighters above the mirror or even on a small colourful painting on a wall. Or just colour one wall bright clad with tiles or covered with a wall paper and use bright LED light. Having a few magazines to read add to the accessories of your powder room.
Sanitary fittings
The minimum size needs to be 4�0�x 6�0� and maximum to your taste and space. You don't need to have a bigger space like your bathroom defining dry and wet area, all you need to have is a dry area with a wash basin accessorized and well lit with a mirror and toilet with enough space to move around and allowing your guest to redress or to add the last pin in time or slightly refresh themselves with a hand wash. Let's grab logical ideas from the range of ceramic fittings available. Well for the basin you can choose a ceramic or a glass bowl fitting it above your counter with a good foam flow spout going for granite and a marble counter looks very repetitive so here the counter can be of under lit glass, acrylic or any bright natural stone. It is not necessary

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Home Interiors

Some golden rules for living room decoration:
The one and only golden rule for decorating living room is to go by the instincts. The most important fact is that a living room is not showpiece element in the house. It is the place where the entire family hangs out. Thus, every one�s need should be kept in mind while designing. If the ideal furniture for living room should be casual and comfortable. A couch, some bean bags for elders and children, rocking chairs. Make sure that the living room has entertainment facilities. Make sure that the living room has enough of natural light. the presence of nature in form little plants will add freshness to the room. There is simply no substitute for fresh flowers. They add freshness to the room and their vibrant color adds to the youthful spirit. And their sweet aroma will set the mood right for a great day.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Foyer Design

We are glad to let our readers know that Herman Chan International Interior Design Expert would be giving us design tips through our website , Welcome Mr Herman chan

Sometime people focus so much on the big rooms like kitchen, living room, master bedroom suite that the smaller spaces in a house get swept under the rug. One small space that I urge you not to forget in decorating your house is the entryway foyer.

I see this time and time again when I assess properties. What I usually see is, at best, the foyer is an afterthought and shoddily decorated, and at worst, it is simply overlooked by many people.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Living Room

Living Room Decor Ideas
A living room is usually decorated to add a 'wow factor' for visitors. Those who have space can make it a point of talking conversation amongst an elite guest list. So what's in vogue to make this space magical? Good taste in interiors can bring a chic look 'like a jaw dropping art installation or large mirrors hanging on the wall or strategically placed in corners. A well textured living room can have a touch of class from a professional interior designer with right natural lights and mood lighting to boot.
What separates this elegant reception room from making it look like a curio shop or supermarket with many 'well travelled memento's jostling for space in badly lit show cases?

Some golden rules for living room decoration- The one and only golden rule for decorating living room is to go by the instincts. The most important fact is that a living room is not showpiece element in the house. It is the place where the entire family hangs out. Thus, every one's need should be kept in mind while designing. If the ideal furniture for living room should be casual and comfortable. A couch, some bean bags for elders and children, rocking chairs. Make sure that the living room has entertainment facilities. Make sure that the living room has enough of natural light. the presence of nature in form little plants will add freshness to the room. There is simply no substitute for fresh flowers. They add freshness to the room and their vibrant color adds to the youthful spirit. And their sweet aroma will set the mood right for a great day.

Always remember adding as much as natural light and ventilation to your living rooms is the best part which will also bring in a lot of positive energy to your room.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Dining Rooms

The best of family conversations are held in the dining rooms. They are memories of grandma's spicy curries; mom's baked cookie treats and dad's pizza takeaway on weekends. So what story does your dining table have? Considering it is an essential space in the home, it can be a real lifestyle changer-for fine dining experience. A well designed dining room has its own successful recipe. The wisest way to decorate is to go by the size of the room. Set the theme; choose the furniture, the wall paints and textures to make the place all the more appealing. There are people who live to eat and others who eat to live. Either way, they head to dining room. Welcome to a feast of ideas for exclusive dining rooms. Let the creative juices flow freely, for often great ideas come up unnoticed. 'Fine Dining' is not synonymous only with appetite. Fine dining is also not synonymous with posh restaurants. But it is a collective experience constituted of good food, better place and best ambience. It can be achieved right at home. Depending on your lifestyle choose the ambience the dining space shall have. For small rooms, a tempered durable glass table is ideal. Chairs that complement the table are best. For low maintenance, ensure that cleaning once a week is sufficient. Crystal glass tops are also in vogue. Should the dining area have reflective mirrors, the sparkle of crystal table top is fine. It is also easy to clean after a noisy dinner or a lazy brunch on Sundays. A wide entrance makes the place look spacious. This will also invite more light which is another trick to make smaller places look bigger. Though electric lighting and candles are essential elements but there is no substitute to natural light. It will be great of the glass window offers a pleasant view along with light.

Saturday, 18 June 2011


If a living room reflects the personality of the home owner, the kitchen reveals how organized you are. The kitchen speaks volumes about your taste, organizing ability as a home maker. Whether it is used as a breakfast venue, coffee time with neighbors or only warming meals, the kitchen needs to be structured. It reveals your secret management strategies. And how?
The first clue-Storage areas

Walk into an aromatic pantry, towards the cabinets where herbs, oils and spices are placed. Neatly glass colored jars in order of seven (weekly consumption!) is stark. It looks beautiful to have a nice wooden cabinet with different shelve areas. The cabinets may be of other materials, but wood is the best for kitchens. The reason is obvious. It does not take long for a kitchen fire to spread just like the forest fire. Wood is a bad conductor of electricity. Since both water and electricity is needed for various appliances, blenders and mixers, it is advisable to have materials that do not catch fire easily. Cabinets of various sizes with bottles and jars filled reflect the need to keep the stock in check. A well equipped larder can cope up with emergencies. This is a sure sign of a very good organizer. Open the chests and draws and see the contents. Well kept knives, forks and spoons tell a tale too.

The size and contents of the soft board can tell tales of all the members of the house. Whats cooking in the house apart from food! What is the family having for dinner? The urgent mails, faxes, emergency cell numbers, bills and reminders provide clues especially for the working wifes and husbands who are in a hurry always. You can also make use of your refrigerator as an acting notifier or a scheduler by sticking those valuables on it through magnets that are available in the market in plenty in different shapes and sizes.

Home Interior Design

Even though the present economic conditions are rising like that of the  mercury  bubble in a thermometer, you can still afford to make your dream venture come true by avoiding all the unwanted expenses for painting , plastering, and applying putty to your beautified walls . It’s a commonly followed unwritten-law of architecture that all the walls of our home have to be plastered, to which I can’t agree.

Here is an ideal example that perfectly justifies my view-point. Please don’t misunderstand that I meant to convey to my readers to leave all our walls unplastered! I intend to just let u know that leaving a wall or a pillar in between without plastering or painting odd bricks in the wall/pillar with some colors of your choice or the ones which matches the ambiance of the whole room, will definitely add to your space an upbeat flick. A plastered wall without painting can also look like a textured wall if  it is in between some nice painted walls ,but try to give it an  artistic look by hanging some art work or whatever oeuvre of your interest.

Make your wall that is not plastered a focal point or point of attraction by displaying some ornamental works like a mirror or some framed pictures etc. These days, a lot of companies are marketing decorative tiles the cost of which might burn or make a big hole on your pockets! Why do you have to go for that when the normal brick pieces could fulfil the purpose of decorative tiles with all the perfection which we had wanted and that too without spending a single additional penny! If you can find some old pieces of wood that is not being used or leftover u can use it in some part of your ceiling or some other suitable area to boost up the oomph factor of your cosy abode.

Just scribble down in your mind that each and every single element that you use in the construction has got a beauty hidden within itself, we may just need to brush it up to give a perfect angle. In our busy life we usually don’t have time for that or we deliberately choose to ignore the same. Find some time to bring out the hidden creative avatar of yours from your “interiors” and let it reflect on all around your “exteriors”.

Mirror Magic

Long ago plain mirrors were shifted from the bathrooms and dressing rooms to more attractive locations of good looking homes. A finely decorated mirror in the living room, a corridor, a crooked nook or another other imaginative place can attract attention. If narcissism has reached venerable heights it is because vanity mirrors have become the target of professional interior decorators for wealthy patrons. What an oil painting or a queer shaped flower vase cannot do, a mirror can definitely do. And it will always reflect the current status of the person peering into its gilded frames. And thus create a dramatic effect.

Mirrors decorate various rooms. They usually function as reflective points, enhance aesthetic value of the room, add light in dark areas, make the space appear larger, and emerge as a beautiful theme. Here are some ways that are already trendy in some living spaces. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on that table and with mirrors creating their magic

In the living/ drawing room

The mirror in this room reflects not only the sunlight, or other objects but also the aesthetic sense of the owner. An odd shape, oval shape framed in decorative wrought iron, fibre, glass, carved wood makes a style statement. Hung on the wall or placed on a corner table, it adds to the value of the room. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on the table facing the mirrorand you can view your face with the miror .What will mar its position and look is if some neighbors room is reflected. Sharp sunlight reflections also make one squint. There are various style and shapes in mirrors that can be used to enhance the worth of the room. The color swatch of the walls and furniture can be taken in mind before bringing a decorative mirror home. For example, a creative wooden framed square piece will work wonders for a traditional or ethnic theme. An urber cool fibre glass paneled mirror will add to the beauty of a modern living room.


The corner dressing table can have tri-mirror frames. With space constraints, the mirror here is more functional than decorative. A full length mirror on the wall is the best which is behind the door and away from the bed. Old wives tale say a mirror should not reflect the occupants of the bed at night! It should be positioned in a place where it can be cleaned easily. Ensure that it does not bang into doors or any sharp objects. Ensure that the mirror faces out (towards the window) and not into the neighbors home.

Corridors and study rooms

Why would anyone want to place mirrors in the corridors or the study room? In a large home a long mirror placed at a strategic corner has a dual purpose. When a person is walking towards or outside can be noticed easily. It serves also to avoid bumping if pets and children are constantly running around. As long as the mirror is placed where it cannot be damaged it is fine. In case a mirror cracks or becomes opaque and reflections are not clear, it is time to replace them. In a study room, a small oval mirror can be placed on a bare wall. It is a perfect distraction from a busy project being worked on. One can preen into it and treat the tiredness if necessary due to overwork.

Children rooms

The young girls need the mirror on the walls of their rooms. They are forever dressing up like their mothers. From the age of 9 years they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror rehearsing their lines, catwalk and personalities. And as they grow catch them whispering Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest.!

Carqueija House

Architects:Bento - Azevedo Architects & Associates
Location: Camacari, Brazil
Interior design: Bento - Azevedo Architects & Associates
Structural engineers: Eng. Fernando Dourado
Project area: 260 sqm
Project year: 2007 - 2008
Photographs: Tarso Figueira

When it comes to the styles in interior designing, all of us do have some great and unique concepts. Forget being a professional interior designer or a customary layman, everybody will be having inimitable and distinctive ideas on home decor. This divergence is clearly reflected in how each of us visualises the various trends and perspectives in this area.

I’ll make it pretty more clear by a jotting a familiar scenario. All of us have heard and many of us have used the so called “classical” approach for styling the interiors. But how we depict this, it differs from person to person. So, when you go for styling your homes it would be useful if you look at the pictures and photographs of various designing approaches, for figuring out the difference between your chosen style, say “classical”, from the other contemporary ones. Also, it shows out what that particular style comprises in the eyes of specialist. After, getting a clear cut idea, you could easily go for a DIY or hiring a pro.

Even all of you have enormous thoughts when it comes to the choice of colors, fabrics and furniture, many of you may not have a clue regarding the style that matches up with the one in your mind. For sorting out this situation, the greatest aid will be flipping through the hard and soft pages of interior design magazines. Before making the hands wet, this would help in redefining your style “matras”. Once you have found out the style which you would want in your dream-home, then the biggest and the hardest hurdle is crossed. After this stage, the project could move forward with a great ease and almost no confusions and undesired time delays.

After choosing an interior decorating style, the aspect regarding space utility comes into play the next lead role. Before proceeding with your style of interest, you have to know if it fits your space and also, would it fit-in with the way you’ve planned to use that space? For instance, would your chosen style fits in with your bedroom or would it be better in a living room? If so, what styles are more traditionally suited to the bedroom? All these anxieties can be answered to an extent by browsing through the images of interiors. Those images and pictures lucidly project the creative views of skilled designers on implementing a choice of design styles. This would save a great deal of money and time. It’s not uncommon that many of you go ahead with the style you had in mind, finally ends up in realizing that it didn’t really add the desired looks to your home as well as wasted a huge amount in the home decor. Free online resources like pictures and articles serve the best in defining and identifying our style and that too at zero expense!

Once the defining-identifying stage is crossed, you could determine how you will proceed with the project. For instance, pictures will facilitate the exact visualisation of how a room will look, when decorating in a particular style. Every slight aspect regarding the style, including colors, textures, materials, lighting etc and how they all complement each other; all will be portrayed vividly in the photographs. Also, these pics will give you an insight into the type of furniture that is generally used in a given style.