Saturday, 18 June 2011

Carqueija House

Architects:Bento - Azevedo Architects & Associates
Location: Camacari, Brazil
Interior design: Bento - Azevedo Architects & Associates
Structural engineers: Eng. Fernando Dourado
Project area: 260 sqm
Project year: 2007 - 2008
Photographs: Tarso Figueira

When it comes to the styles in interior designing, all of us do have some great and unique concepts. Forget being a professional interior designer or a customary layman, everybody will be having inimitable and distinctive ideas on home decor. This divergence is clearly reflected in how each of us visualises the various trends and perspectives in this area.

I’ll make it pretty more clear by a jotting a familiar scenario. All of us have heard and many of us have used the so called “classical” approach for styling the interiors. But how we depict this, it differs from person to person. So, when you go for styling your homes it would be useful if you look at the pictures and photographs of various designing approaches, for figuring out the difference between your chosen style, say “classical”, from the other contemporary ones. Also, it shows out what that particular style comprises in the eyes of specialist. After, getting a clear cut idea, you could easily go for a DIY or hiring a pro.

Even all of you have enormous thoughts when it comes to the choice of colors, fabrics and furniture, many of you may not have a clue regarding the style that matches up with the one in your mind. For sorting out this situation, the greatest aid will be flipping through the hard and soft pages of interior design magazines. Before making the hands wet, this would help in redefining your style “matras”. Once you have found out the style which you would want in your dream-home, then the biggest and the hardest hurdle is crossed. After this stage, the project could move forward with a great ease and almost no confusions and undesired time delays.

After choosing an interior decorating style, the aspect regarding space utility comes into play the next lead role. Before proceeding with your style of interest, you have to know if it fits your space and also, would it fit-in with the way you’ve planned to use that space? For instance, would your chosen style fits in with your bedroom or would it be better in a living room? If so, what styles are more traditionally suited to the bedroom? All these anxieties can be answered to an extent by browsing through the images of interiors. Those images and pictures lucidly project the creative views of skilled designers on implementing a choice of design styles. This would save a great deal of money and time. It’s not uncommon that many of you go ahead with the style you had in mind, finally ends up in realizing that it didn’t really add the desired looks to your home as well as wasted a huge amount in the home decor. Free online resources like pictures and articles serve the best in defining and identifying our style and that too at zero expense!

Once the defining-identifying stage is crossed, you could determine how you will proceed with the project. For instance, pictures will facilitate the exact visualisation of how a room will look, when decorating in a particular style. Every slight aspect regarding the style, including colors, textures, materials, lighting etc and how they all complement each other; all will be portrayed vividly in the photographs. Also, these pics will give you an insight into the type of furniture that is generally used in a given style.

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