Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mirror Magic

Long ago plain mirrors were shifted from the bathrooms and dressing rooms to more attractive locations of good looking homes. A finely decorated mirror in the living room, a corridor, a crooked nook or another other imaginative place can attract attention. If narcissism has reached venerable heights it is because vanity mirrors have become the target of professional interior decorators for wealthy patrons. What an oil painting or a queer shaped flower vase cannot do, a mirror can definitely do. And it will always reflect the current status of the person peering into its gilded frames. And thus create a dramatic effect.

Mirrors decorate various rooms. They usually function as reflective points, enhance aesthetic value of the room, add light in dark areas, make the space appear larger, and emerge as a beautiful theme. Here are some ways that are already trendy in some living spaces. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on that table and with mirrors creating their magic

In the living/ drawing room

The mirror in this room reflects not only the sunlight, or other objects but also the aesthetic sense of the owner. An odd shape, oval shape framed in decorative wrought iron, fibre, glass, carved wood makes a style statement. Hung on the wall or placed on a corner table, it adds to the value of the room. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on the table facing the mirrorand you can view your face with the miror .What will mar its position and look is if some neighbors room is reflected. Sharp sunlight reflections also make one squint. There are various style and shapes in mirrors that can be used to enhance the worth of the room. The color swatch of the walls and furniture can be taken in mind before bringing a decorative mirror home. For example, a creative wooden framed square piece will work wonders for a traditional or ethnic theme. An urber cool fibre glass paneled mirror will add to the beauty of a modern living room.


The corner dressing table can have tri-mirror frames. With space constraints, the mirror here is more functional than decorative. A full length mirror on the wall is the best which is behind the door and away from the bed. Old wives tale say a mirror should not reflect the occupants of the bed at night! It should be positioned in a place where it can be cleaned easily. Ensure that it does not bang into doors or any sharp objects. Ensure that the mirror faces out (towards the window) and not into the neighbors home.

Corridors and study rooms

Why would anyone want to place mirrors in the corridors or the study room? In a large home a long mirror placed at a strategic corner has a dual purpose. When a person is walking towards or outside can be noticed easily. It serves also to avoid bumping if pets and children are constantly running around. As long as the mirror is placed where it cannot be damaged it is fine. In case a mirror cracks or becomes opaque and reflections are not clear, it is time to replace them. In a study room, a small oval mirror can be placed on a bare wall. It is a perfect distraction from a busy project being worked on. One can preen into it and treat the tiredness if necessary due to overwork.

Children rooms

The young girls need the mirror on the walls of their rooms. They are forever dressing up like their mothers. From the age of 9 years they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror rehearsing their lines, catwalk and personalities. And as they grow catch them whispering Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest.!

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