Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time to Install Aly Design Elecrical Light Switches in India

The UK-Greece based interior designer making innovative light switches is on its way to capture the aesthetic sensibilities of modern Indians.

Stylish interiors of exclusive landed estates of the well heeled community in India have always welcomed innovative designs, products and furnishings.

European styles continue to be introduced in the country.
Whether it is Ikea, Swedens largest furniture brand or Aly Design light switches the prospect is quite illuminating.

Can one use a printed light switch to warn the user, advertise a logo or brand or put a smile on the face with a funny message?
Perhaps the time has come to put the spotlight on the company that has also partnered with Crystallized Swarovski Elements to bring a new sparkling new range of light. switches.

The range is so popular ever since it was introduced in 2009 that it is a value addition to aristocratic homes in London, Dubai, Cannes, Florence and Santorini.

It has also reached corporate offices in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi.
There are different kinds of electrical switches and it is obvious that the ones that eventually are not energy guzzlers will be preferable.

Aly Design switches can be customized too. It is as easy as sending your picture to be placed on the coffee mug!

The process is different thought. With the German techniques, the CE rated light switches undergo a unique dye sublimation printing process.
These switches are so unique that they have a UV rating of 5/6 which means that they do not fade in sunlight.

Whats interesting is that when the home is being redecorated, the light switches can be readily adaptable to the new look as the interface is changeable.
The faceplate can be removed without disturbing either the body of the switch or the electrical connections and a new faceplate can be easily clipped into place.

It is scratch and wear resistant. If a customized solution is eluding the buyer then choose from the design studio of the company.
With broad identifiable marks like STAIRS LIGHT, HEATER, FAN, LOUNGE, it makes it easier to use.
The designs can be used as seen in the catalogue or the color schemes can be changed.

Like any good company, they have a simple return policy of the products that are complaint with EU directives.

The refund will be paid within 30 days. Products from the DESIGN YOUR OWN category are non-refundable.

The professionals always need inspiration. And Aly Design plans to expand in the sub-continent soon.
Large installations and projects require different kinds of light switches and an in-house consultant can be approached for further assistance.

With many years of experience in electrical fittings in the European market, the company uses the ELSO Scala range of the Schneider-Electric Group. Fittings have slim faceplates, no fixing screws and comply with all appropriate European standards.

Welcome to India.

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