Saturday, 18 June 2011

Home Interior Design

Even though the present economic conditions are rising like that of the  mercury  bubble in a thermometer, you can still afford to make your dream venture come true by avoiding all the unwanted expenses for painting , plastering, and applying putty to your beautified walls . It’s a commonly followed unwritten-law of architecture that all the walls of our home have to be plastered, to which I can’t agree.

Here is an ideal example that perfectly justifies my view-point. Please don’t misunderstand that I meant to convey to my readers to leave all our walls unplastered! I intend to just let u know that leaving a wall or a pillar in between without plastering or painting odd bricks in the wall/pillar with some colors of your choice or the ones which matches the ambiance of the whole room, will definitely add to your space an upbeat flick. A plastered wall without painting can also look like a textured wall if  it is in between some nice painted walls ,but try to give it an  artistic look by hanging some art work or whatever oeuvre of your interest.

Make your wall that is not plastered a focal point or point of attraction by displaying some ornamental works like a mirror or some framed pictures etc. These days, a lot of companies are marketing decorative tiles the cost of which might burn or make a big hole on your pockets! Why do you have to go for that when the normal brick pieces could fulfil the purpose of decorative tiles with all the perfection which we had wanted and that too without spending a single additional penny! If you can find some old pieces of wood that is not being used or leftover u can use it in some part of your ceiling or some other suitable area to boost up the oomph factor of your cosy abode.

Just scribble down in your mind that each and every single element that you use in the construction has got a beauty hidden within itself, we may just need to brush it up to give a perfect angle. In our busy life we usually don’t have time for that or we deliberately choose to ignore the same. Find some time to bring out the hidden creative avatar of yours from your “interiors” and let it reflect on all around your “exteriors”.

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