Friday, 25 November 2011

Sunil Patil and Associates

Sunil Patil and Associates started in 1994, completed more than 300 projects in residential, industrial , commercial, mass housing, public places etc. Having offices in Kolhapur and Pune with around 40 team mates together.

Having won a National award-IIID-MK 2008 for Interior+ Architectural Interior Category and a Regional award-IIID-MK 2008 for Interior+ Architectural Interior Category was one of the Three Architects from India Invited to attend the International Conference "Foreign Architects Meet Marmomac on Stone Architecture" held in Verona, Italy in October 2003. .

His Design Philosophy: Harmony with Nature . By instinct, man likes to be with the nature. His body his mind responds better to the nature than man made spaces. There is nothing better than nature that relaxes the man and keeps him healthier. Architecture that we create shall be as sensitive to the nature as our skin. We try to create spaces with the minimum intervention with the nature, The Architecture which is in -Harmony with nature.The spaces which we create shall not just satisfy the functional needs of the users but shall become their companion in sharing the unforgettable moments in their life. .

The Contemporary Vernacular Architecture: The architecture shall belong to the geographical location, the culture, the climate and the aera in which it is built. Our designs stress on using vernacular material in a contemporary Architectureal style says Sunil patil .

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