Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Living Room

Living Room Decor Ideas
A living room is usually decorated to add a 'wow factor' for visitors. Those who have space can make it a point of talking conversation amongst an elite guest list. So what's in vogue to make this space magical? Good taste in interiors can bring a chic look 'like a jaw dropping art installation or large mirrors hanging on the wall or strategically placed in corners. A well textured living room can have a touch of class from a professional interior designer with right natural lights and mood lighting to boot.
What separates this elegant reception room from making it look like a curio shop or supermarket with many 'well travelled memento's jostling for space in badly lit show cases?

Some golden rules for living room decoration- The one and only golden rule for decorating living room is to go by the instincts. The most important fact is that a living room is not showpiece element in the house. It is the place where the entire family hangs out. Thus, every one's need should be kept in mind while designing. If the ideal furniture for living room should be casual and comfortable. A couch, some bean bags for elders and children, rocking chairs. Make sure that the living room has entertainment facilities. Make sure that the living room has enough of natural light. the presence of nature in form little plants will add freshness to the room. There is simply no substitute for fresh flowers. They add freshness to the room and their vibrant color adds to the youthful spirit. And their sweet aroma will set the mood right for a great day.

Always remember adding as much as natural light and ventilation to your living rooms is the best part which will also bring in a lot of positive energy to your room.

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