Monday, 16 April 2012

The Ice Lounge

Many throng to Ice Lounge like you would to a tourist spot. They have not ever seen anything quite like it. How can a bar be made entirely of ice? Ice walls, ice sculptures, ice bar counter, ice sofas and chairs and come on...even drinking glasses made of ice!And not just any kind of ice blocks stacked together either. 

This is ice in its purest form, 35,000 kg of it flown all the way from Canada and sculpted by Julian Bayley, skilled ice designer and co-founder of Ice Culture, the leading designers of frozen bars - from Las Vegas to London to Dubai to now, India.

The theme is Mughal India and Julian has left nothing to chance. An ice lady in an ice saree greets you with a namaste as you enter. Motifs from Mughal architecture form design elements. In case you have missed the point, Indian national bird, the peacock, occupies pride of place behind the ice bar counter. Not enough? Ok, turn around and an ice tigress with frozen cubs greets you. The Taj Mahal is sculpted in ice on one wall. Though 21 Fahrenheit in Mumbai is really the first ice bar of the country, Ice Lounge takes the lead in introducing ice sculpture to India and being the first in Delhi.

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