Thursday, 15 March 2012


O7 ARCHITECTS founded in early 2003, by a team of three young and aspiring architects and designers ALEX MATHEWS, ANIL KOUL & SWAPNIL KHAIRNAR with their individual expertise and engaged in a wide range of interior design and landscape services and further to add with their expertise on architectural services powered by O7 ASSOCIATES by ADINATH PATKAR.They are a firm of architects who recognise the need for quality & efficiency and believes in providing flair to their projects within commercial parameters.

What they have to say is that as per the current financial and technological climate, we have to respond to our clients needs quickly and effectively. Clients requirements are met by forming teams within the company tailor made to respond to each challenge. Here we present one of their projects . 

As a part of our design strategy there is also an attempt to experiment and work with newer unconventional constructional techniques as a means to enhance the formal as well as the functional aspects of our designs. We can proudly say that even in this limited period we have been able to complete a many works that embody this side of our approach. 

Floral cut outs on Mdf boards coated with duco paint in the backdrop of the sitting area is one of the highlights of this 1650 sqft 3 bedroom apartment . Coconut shells and plaster of paris are pasted to the gypsum board in the ceiling of the living room for giving that texture effect . Custom made furnitures to this apartment had given iceing on the cake for the client . 

Football theme in one of their bedroom with custom made manchester united log on the drapes is an added beauty .A wall in the masterbedroom is coated with rough textured gold leaf work and sandblasted granite tiles joined by wooden plank with laser cut designs .The mainly used materials for this interiors are wooden veneer finished panels , sandblasted granites tiles ,gypsum boards , mdf boards and Italian marble flooring .

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